about me

My name is Margie (g like go) and I am the creative guru behind all things "Glittercorn Fairy." I am a wife, a Mama, and a crafty jill-of-all-trades. I live in Austin, TX with my two beautiful girls, my precious pooch, and my incredible husband. (Really. If you saw our house, you'd know he was a saint for tolerating the sheer amount of glitter all that seems to be EvErYwHeRe -despite my never-ending vacuuming!) Most important, I have a true passion for creating beautiful personalized tumblers and works of art that spark joy. My goal for the Glittercorn Fairy is to help enable you to have one (or several) items that truly make you smile and bring you joy, simply by admiring them!

the start

What makes Glittercorn Fairy so special is the ability to tailor your glitter tumbler to EXACTLY what you want! We offer many different options to make sure that your cup is a one-of-a-kind beauty!