Please, never EVER hesitate to send a message if your little heart desires something not listed on the website! The possibilities and options available to you are limitless!


If you'd like to purchase something that isn't listed on the website, message me. (Send me an email: glittercornfairy@gmail.com) I will do my best to make your vision a reality! 

Nobody's Perfect... 


At Glittercorn Fairy, each and every item is created with love, care, and YOU in mind. All items are created by yours truly, one-of-a-kind, and made to order. Each is as unique as its owner created to spark joy with each use! 

I only use the highest quality materials in creating my beauties! All of my "blank" tumblers are stainless steel, double-walled, and vacuum sealed. All cups come with a lid, and {most} with a straw.

I only use FDA compliant epoxy resin that is sustainable to 500 degrees, UV resistant, and 

and food safe upon curing. Glitter, ink, and paints used in creating art are also of the highest quality.

As with all hand-created items, there will be variances and discrepancies item by item. While you may order two of the same cups with the same theme, no two items will ever appear exactly the same.


All attempts for continuity will be made to keep consistency in appearance, while keeping variances and flaws to a minimum. If an error is made by Glittercorn Fairy, you may either 1.) receive a refund, 2.) have a product replaced, or 3.) both, depending on circumstances. If a human error is made by the purchaser (i.e., typo, size chosen, etc.), GF will remake the product at the expense of the purchaser (for an additional fee) or the purchaser may chose to cancel the order without receiving a refund. 



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What makes the Glittercorn Fairy so special is the ability to tailor your glitter tumbler to EXACTLY what you want! We offer many different options to make sure that your cup is a one-of-a-kind beauty!


ALL the colors!!! Any color! Any shade! Any effect! Glitter, Mica, Ink, Paint! The options are endless! 


The price of the tumbler includes a monogram, name, or decal of your choice! You are also have the option to leave the tumbler blank!


We offer several sizes, shapes, and styles of cups... Big, Little, tall, short, skinny, curved, straight... you name it!


You want your cup to glow in the dark? We can make it glow! Glow in the dark vinyl, glitter, or powder can be added to the cup for an extra dose of magic!